Our History

A brief history

Area Layer was funded in 2022 by RSync, a technological entrepreneur Bitcoin and Lightning with focus in accelerate adoption of Bitcoin.

Main mission

Area Layer provides freedom economy with solutions user friendly for bitcoiners, node runners, liquidity and self sovereign


Non-custodial: We believe that our customers should have their own keys and not trust third parties

Web decentralized: We believe that our customers should have independence of traditional platforms

Financial empowerment: We believe that using Bitcoin, we empower the individual and make him self-sovereign

P2P Market: Based on the Bitcoin whitepaper released in 2008, we believe in a completely P2P world without intermediaries

Privacy: We believe that people have the number one right to privacy that’s why we develop tools for Bitcoiners

Open Source software: In all of our products, we use open codes from Bitcoin Core to Lightning Network

Lightning Network: We believe in the most popular second tier in history and that’s why we’ve built Lightning into many products

No shitcoins: We believe in a world Bitcoin-only